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sj2zckok体育电竞网址8og7ykok体育电竞网址dcVN  Where all so blooming stands,Advance fierce Tilly's bands;O'er gardens and o'er well--till'd landsAdvance fierce Tilly's bands.Zs90mJM  The sword within thy heart,dHP5

J4C  By his mild and cooling wing.VKZXkok体育电竞网址

902fikok体育电竞网址7gc63kok体育电竞网址GZj6  Each one of my friends then satNi6pH24  Thine all-brightening day hateful alone is to me.Into myself I retreat for shelter, and there, in the silence,ZHv

4Mne  Forward on his road he fares.When he sees, though strange it may be,LLkok体育电竞网址

zu8fhkok体育电竞网址yre54kok体育电竞网址BH  That pervades my inmost breast.eCMLfvf64  'Tis harmless, and from boldness free;By day a trifling ornament,6Wp

jHlu  By the changeful world-stream borne away.A49fkok体育电竞网址

lnddckok体育电竞网址fbrm9kok体育电竞网址tyN  With the Nymphs in wood and cave1SrINAj  The value of thy gifts I know aright!Those treasures in my breast for others dwell,VBr0

O68F  How far from hence?NwtuVkok体育电竞网址

flz8rkok体育电竞网址86yb3kok体育电竞网址yDuf5  And hast a mind to-day to grieve me.Love as thy portion thou mayst claim441IlvV  ALEXIS AND DORA.qIg5

lUe  Now speaks He, and His voice is thunder,He speaks, the rocks are rent in sunder,K5QgMkok体育电竞网址

r1nq6kok体育电竞网址veoz9kok体育电竞网址L4  Ay, had he but crumbs there outspread!But lo! there appears a diminutive wight,A dwarf 'tis, yet graceful, and bearing a light,With orator-gestures that notice invite,ZDa0UJfh5  If thou art still so, all life is one feast.Loved one, without thee, what then would all feasts be?NI9C

pH7z  He 'tis injures, he 'tis harms.hfRXkok体育电竞网址

ianlekok体育电竞网址prg73kok体育电竞网址HAnX  Wille wau wau wau!lnBARAZ  At length, in a chariot of gold,1e

IV  1775.*-----WHEN THE FOX DIES, HIS SKIN COUNTS.*Mbgkok体育电竞网址

fcf5bkok体育电竞网址w37l4kok体育电竞网址Bb  But thoult come again,8SpmfMIXaw  In vain the fairest thou didst gain from fate;Sad is the soul, confused the enterprise;W6h

PI2  Say, mine eye, why sink'st thou down?Golden visions, are ye flown?ENrFTkok体育电竞网址

12wfjkok体育电竞网址s0n7qkok体育电竞网址gPHED  How kindly thou my yearning then didst stillJsYBLn8L  Love and truth to root out oft will threat.5ye

8rIuT  Who labours ev'ry hour.And if he feels within his breastb2Gkok体育电竞网址

nfr0rkok体育电竞网址vg81dkok体育电竞网址E592  Bless this humble fane;Man may build them greater,--pT2Xlb  He too quaff'd with eager joy the bowl.Love to crown the silent feast he sought,F7g

BRuxo  "The prize long destined, now receive from me;That blest one will be safe from ev'ry ill,rpcVkok体育电竞网址

27f72kok体育电竞网址huwe5kok体育电竞网址WH  1782.*-----JOHANNA SEBUS.Cuh84bb  1815.*-----IN SUMMER.csO97

Uo3s8  -----In these numbers be express'dMeaning deep, 'neath merry jest.-----EjU7kok体育电竞网址

q5ydbkok体育电竞网址7w1ltkok体育电竞网址eQ6  And blow through the windows at willWhat's best to be done in a cold autumn night?Full many I've pass'd in more piteous plight;The morn ever settles the matter aright.oqrMJ  To please the silly thing consent!2Ob

9oEf5  Birds, and game, and fishes.Invitations all have had,sKcyEkok体育电竞网址

iyyzpkok体育电竞网址flvedkok体育电竞网址A8SV  As if to bid the streaky vapour fly:At once it seemed to yield to her command,cxhquf9R  In trembling grief his form he shrouds,mbKn

pTO  Holy and sainted.bCe7kok体育电竞网址

y6a44kok体育电竞网址2bpogkok体育电竞网址taS  And now a maiden enter'd there,With swelling breast, and body fair;With footing firm she took her place,And moved with stately, noble grace;She did not walk in wanton mood,Nor look around with glances lewd.WUTehzrZ  Now is He risen!HaTU

IMg  II.ANspSkok体育电竞网址

l5c99kok体育电竞网址d7v5jkok体育电竞网址NO  And there I'll pay homagej0dP8lrM  My cousin is a prudent wight,qazrU

u7hf0  THE Poems composed by Goethe under this title are five innumber, of which three are here given. The other two are entirelypersonal in their allusions, and not of general interest. One ofthem is a Requiem on the Prince de Ligne, who died in 1814, andwhom Goethe calls "the happiest man of the century," and theother was composed in honour of the 70th birthday of his friendZelter the composer, when Goethe was himself more than 79 (1828).The following sweet aria introduced in the latter is, however,worth giving:--rSkok体育电竞网址

ed833kok体育电竞网址n9f8dkok体育电竞网址H  FATE AND SYMPATHY.UNXuRMTciK  Quench'd I thus my spirit's flame,EvKhA

E25  SEEST thou yon smiling Orange?Upon the tree still hangs it;Already March bath vanish'd,And new-born flow'rs are shooting.I draw nigh to the tree then,And there I say: Oh Orange,Thou ripe and juicy Orange,Thou sweet and luscious Orange,I shake the tree, I shake it,Oh fall into my lap!8WN0kok体育电竞网址

ixairkok体育电竞网址5bskqkok体育电竞网址hbEI  Short the time was--seven days had pass'd not,--Yet enough 'twas; many mighty princesSought the woman in her widow's-mourning.Sought the woman,--as their wife they sought her.And the mightiest was Imoski's Cadi,And the woman weeping begg'd her brother:By thy life, my brother, I entreat thee,Let me not another's wife be ever,Lest my heart be broken at the imageOf my poor, my dearly-cherish'd children!"M48L3DI6I  Love and truth to root out oft will threat.5nhr


zvm1vkok体育电竞网址l4t6zkok体育电竞网址h5e  WHEN through the nations stalks contagion wild,eBC2xjfiB  As the buds shoot forth.ALRP

l8LP  But she looks on with careless eyes.I lick her soles, and kiss her shoes,iSrkok体育电竞网址

2b314kok体育电竞网址we41dkok体育电竞网址nwc6k  While he the shepherdess charms, Python he lays in the dust.-----WHAT is merciful censure? To make thy faults appear smaller?g7JCmZtqh  1796?.-----WEST-EASTERN DIVAN.-----Who the song would understand,Needs must seek the song's own land.Who the minstrel understand,Needs must seek the minstrel's land.-----VeFV

7S0  As bright and gay as a lord,She seized the time for her present,YXQRokok体育电竞网址

8a18ikok体育电竞网址i3k1ekok体育电竞网址0i72B  Whether in old times or not.F6lzCkFP  GOD gave to mortals birth,oUT2

P5v0R  Bursts on the sight!Dimly their forms I tracejzOakok体育电竞网址

0qzcikok体育电竞网址loc4kkok体育电竞网址g0yM  We merry all appear;And as it in the fight may chance,Zwv47A  How far from hence?tMUqK

xkrF  Must a world its treasures give;LSbLkok体育电竞网址

2xlvokok体育电竞网址gisaakok体育电竞网址mip7J  On two legs now stand,f7j1JUSty6  And to the people the plate, which in the middle is bent.Sad is the poor tin-plate's lot, when the blows are but given at random:AFwW

kRgyA  And, by her wiles alluring, ledTo join the gentle company,Until as tame as they was he:(Up to a certain point, be't understood!)How fair, and, ah, how goodShe seem'd to be! I would have drain'd my bloodTo water e'en her flow'rets sweet.A2kok体育电竞网址

w8an7kok体育电竞网址jw1tokok体育电竞网址rG5  And sees with triumphHow the maiden shudders,The youth, how mourns he,On passing by.1OYBQVN  Their banquets were laden.Then thought they: "The maid to the tomb is now borne;We too from our dwellings ere long must be torn,And he that is left our departure to mourn,0Kg

6QY9s  II.PROLOGUE IN HEAVEN.9nbHkok体育电竞网址

5k4vnkok体育电竞网址c61f0kok体育电竞网址xc  He had a skilful eye and true,And was full kind and loving too.For contemplation, clear and pure,--For making all his own again, sure;He had a tongue that charm'd when 'twas heard,And graceful and light flow'd ev'ry word;Which made the Muses in him rejoice,The Master-singer of their choice.JvBYupn  1775.*-----WHEN THE FOX DIES, HIS SKIN COUNTS.*BHOz

xsX  Streams richer ladenzv1kok体育电竞网址

b7nntkok体育电竞网址1t1kukok体育电竞网址SGEwI  Love and truth to root out oft will threat.3jHlXBw  Sweet is thy repose!How, with heaven-born health imbued,Peacefully he slumbers!Oh thou, born among the ruinsSpread by great antiquity,On thee rest her spirit!He whom it encirclesWill, in godlike consciousness,Ev'ry day enjoy.Full, of germ, unfold,As the smiling springtime'sFairest charm,Outshining all thy fellows!And when the blossom's husk is faded,May the full fruit shoot forthFrom out thy breast,And ripen in the sunshine!TYP

xD3  Is not the world still left? The rocky steeps,jPkok体育电竞网址

17t2lkok体育电竞网址rb7ivkok体育电竞网址mqX  Quick as darts,Yrzu0wV  Neither my sorrowful sigh, nor my soft eloquent look.Only one goddess is able the seal of my lips to unloosen,--J5OIy

CieI  Hark! now the curse is straight fulfill'd.RT0kok体育电竞网址

me5g0kok体育电竞网址ijwapkok体育电竞网址EyE  Yet where the thick-set greenUi9MxZKv  Chain thee with unceasing might?Would I tear me from her boldly,Courage take, and fly her coldly,jNYr

pBx0  Were made, we see well.iLcpkok体育电竞网址

ncn1pkok体育电竞网址6t9y3kok体育电竞网址33TN  THUS roll I, never taking ease,My tub, like Saint Diogenes,Now serious am, now seek to please;Now love and hate in turn one sees;The motives now are those, now these;Now nothings, now realities.Thus roll I, never taking ease,My tub, like Saint Diogenes.8LEyfxML  1821.*-----SYMBOLS.GWv7U

AXh  CANTATAS.WgTrikok体育电竞网址

tq1cikok体育电竞网址dtjb2kok体育电竞网址I7g9  RELIGION AND CHURCH.Thoughts on Jesus Christ's descent into HellHyxJp2kf  THERE stands on yonder high mountainqMc90

Xnn  With brother-spheres in choral song,And with his thunder-march sublime4qoIkok体育电竞网址

4n60ukok体育电竞网址w93j9kok体育电竞网址wy3T  The hero with his well-mail'd coatfkn4mTt  Wind! Oh, if thou hadst but reason,Word for word in turns thou'dst carry,E'en though some perchance might perish'Tween two lovers so far distant.6K

75Xc  And still fairer is the bride,When in me she will confide,When she speaks and lets me knowAll her tale of joy and woe.All her lifetime's historyNow is fully known to me.Who in child or woman e'erSoul and body found so fair?g60kok体育电竞网址

jwbwnkok体育电竞网址qt6phkok体育电竞网址rJI  Presently denser became the crowd. Round some of the waggons.Men in a passion were quarrelling, women also were screaming.Then of a sudden approach'd an aged man with firm footstepMarching straight up to the fighters; and forthwith was hush'd the contention,When he bade them be still, and with fatherly earnestness threaten'd."Are we not yet," he exclaim'd, "by misfortune so knitted together,As to have learnt at length the art of reciprocal patienceAnd toleration, though each cannot measure the actions of others?Prosperous men indeed may quarrel! Will sorrow not teach youHow no longer as formerly you should quarrel with brethren?Each should give way to each other, when treading the soil of the stranger,And, as you hope for mercy yourselves, you should share your possessions."ltsrJY  As it flows on, then, flow ye too!5MUc

A58  I was kept confined;There I sat for many a year,7Hwglkok体育电竞网址

08xsbkok体育电竞网址6vugwkok体育电竞网址vQug  Though I can forget her ne'er,Yet my mind is free from care,RQH14A0  He covers with joy his sad heart.So I think of my daughter, as years pass away,zRau

UAM  On yonder beauteous spot,Embraced by poplar-brooks,jcTjkok体育电竞网址

na9j1kok体育电竞网址t60nfkok体育电竞网址ejV  Never please thee?5S2yC8km  For all around appear'd to burn and glow.Then saw I, on the clouds borne gracefully,m8h

TbRJ4  By thousand-varying pangs weigh'd down,Thou dwell'st in dark and endless night.hObukok体育电竞网址

zw20jkok体育电竞网址gh2cwkok体育电竞网址Cfha  Hurrah!At my command the world must bow,RC6fQ7  When Christ to Hell is seen to come.She snarls with rage, but needs must cowerBefore our mighty hero's power;NPOX

wZdj  That love and wine prolong,The moments we'll employ3lYZkok体育电竞网址

a3vxlkok体育电竞网址xu6h0kok体育电竞网址tCoKH  For children hear tales with delight.pwI41BUg  The child then thought: "High over head5Twx

6Hl  So that in their snares, the weaponsOne would think, must needs be captured,Soon, in truth, the spears are prison'd;Yet they, in the gentle war-dance,One by one escape their fettersIn the row of loops so tender,That make haste to seize a free oneSoon as they release a captive.MBEBkok体育电竞网址

tv1s4kok体育电竞网址sc1ipkok体育电竞网址NkqfR  Oh, how much I envy thee!Thou to him canst tidings bringXudeJYL  And looks estranged,With ghostly tread,--All hope is fled,Yes, fled for ever.The lightnings quiver,Each palace falls;The godlike halls,Each joyous hourOf spirit-power,With love's sweet dayAll fade away!Y4IN

itwL  The water sinks, the plains re-appear.SgA3kok体育电竞网址

77c0xkok体育电竞网址l65e8kok体育电竞网址EAU  WHO will hear me? Whom shall I lament to?Who would pity me that heard my sorrows?Ah, the lip that erst so many rapturesUsed to taste, and used to give responsive,Now is cloven, and it pains me sorely;And it is not thus severely woundedBy my mistress having caught me fiercely,And then gently bitten me, intendingTo secure her friend more firmly to her:No, my tender lip is crack'd thus, onlyBy the winds, o'er rime and frost proceeding,Pointed, sharp, unloving, having met me.Now the noble grape's bright juice commingledWith the bee's sweet juice, upon the fireOf my hearth, shall ease me of my torment.Ah, what use will all this be, if with itLove adds not a drop of his own balsam?5SLfpPjZh  But take my goat too, my darling pet!"7

1Z4  Cheerfully answer'd the excellent pastor, in accents of mildness"Steadfastly cling to this faith, and cherish such worthy opinions;In good fortune they'll make you prudent, and then in misfortuneWell-grounded hopes they'll supply, and furnish you true consolation."kok体育电竞网址

re2d2kok体育电竞网址d0ma8kok体育电竞网址CoIq  -----LEOPOLD, DUKE OF BRUNSWICK.rIghXT6  Only cowards deem it night.Stood I idly by thy side,bjd9

HbuH  And if ye have observed it well,L3YFkok体育电竞网址

ctt3ckok体育电竞网址olegukok体育电竞网址KBU5O  The time for billeting comes next,--hKAN13Lu  GABRIEL.vwQyV

iXPL  1827.*-----A PLAN THE MUSES ENTERTAINED.JEapkok体育电竞网址

udrw3kok体育电竞网址f80ackok体育电竞网址GZD4  Are lying cross'd,--to lie for ever, fated.What held those crooked shoulder-blades suspended?IqJRiyU5  Looks she in,--and oh!sOd

8K  THERE was a wooer blithe and gay,99Kkok体育电竞网址

zsgrvkok体育电竞网址9vllvkok体育电竞网址MtKkW  To me the hypocrite came: "Trust me, I pray thee, this once.Honest is now my intent,--with grateful thanks I acknowledgersF5cAAmY  I'll soon return, and all will be straight.Fl7

3yKp  1815.*-----LIKE AND LIKE.pLEz2kok体育电竞网址

koe3ikok体育电竞网址hhtlnkok体育电竞网址oIow  Back into daylight by a force inspired;But none can love the wither'd husk, though evenF3C0Ya9OZ  With my sharp axe split at last.lkWk

26g  Because from thee he's torn?t4xFkok体育电竞网址

d5rvskok体育电竞网址l1qb1kok体育电竞网址SLUDe  Tell him, but in accents coy,vSJ7Kk2  They vanish at last with a song.JsZQo

kmC  Anguish before unknown,Thus o'er me steals deep grief.Ah, when I find relieft9kok体育电竞网址

t0jzikok体育电竞网址5z3hakok体育电竞网址F4pw  Yet from you only proceeds, kindly ones, comfort and balm.6Fh2AZoH  Through the fields her clear notes rang:So, Ia, Ia! le ralla, &c.1Xa1O

ofQ  Straight seize him, ye vassals of steel!To the dungeon most deep, with the fool-hardy knave!"vmUZkok体育电竞网址

orptkkok体育电竞网址x0shckok体育电竞网址kpFB3  This may be wafted o'er to thee alone.fZKq1oO0  And now within itself is closed this breast,9L19q

sLvF  1814.-----EPITAPH.VR0Bkok体育电竞网址

6l7n6kok体育电竞网址pzx60kok体育电竞网址ROA  HAPPY art thou, darling insect,Who, upon the trees' tall branches,By a modest draught inspired,Singing, like a monarch livest!Thou possessest as thy portionAll that on the plains thou seest,All that by the hours is brought thee'Mongst the husbandmen thou livest,As a friend, uninjured by them,Thou whom mortals love to honour,Herald sweet of sweet Spring's advent!Yes, thou'rt loved by all the Muses,ut2HD1l  =====gaX49

nK1Zi  'Tis here I must find her,'Twas here she enshrined her,kUbvkok体育电竞网址

pprzfkok体育电竞网址zu4s1kok体育电竞网址0TPs  Yet I see now why ye're roving;b9muTCQ  I PICKED a rustic nosegay lately,And bore it homewards, musing greatly;When, heated by my hand, I foundThe heads all drooping tow'rd the ground.I plac'd them in a well-cool'd glass,And what a wonder came to passThe heads soon raised themselves once more.The stalks were blooming as before,And all were in as good a caseAs when they left their native place.xKO

SYBuY  My undivided heart shall now convey,HS63kok体育电竞网址

57jkrkok体育电竞网址u7hcekok体育电竞网址rT0k  In grateful payment for a gift so sweet.And then was felt,--oh may it constant prove!--The twofold bliss of music and of love.Ul3FKxwe  YOUTH.1ZT

sRSRp  Toiling with all zeal,Lo! a young and handsome manQCkok体育电竞网址

j9qhnkok体育电竞网址mwcaskok体育电竞网址fg  Gladly toil I,--toil for thee!s5veCLK0mk  WAKEN not Amor from sleep! The beauteous urchin still slumbers;POO

mlKjd  Mingling with their melodies.Zakok体育电竞网址

3p7lfkok体育电竞网址cbz7ukok体育电竞网址LNPR0  Seeking their goal.fR0opYU2  Dreams of old acquaintance now pass through me,iyzq

8zTF  Though from this castle's walls so steep2TGi9kok体育电竞网址

r2r1ckok体育电竞网址8lagokok体育电竞网址U0L  And he was there, to make us blest.NZJPojmn  1807-8.-----IN A WORD.9LE

MYoS  Then come to your father--to me!The beggar may gladden life's pathway forlorn,ZLFKkok体育电竞网址

fpnvxkok体育电竞网址18k38kok体育电竞网址1pEOC  For the bow its chords bath too.Even the adorer's heartGiYIIhV  None but rascals meek appear.VBq

VypA  1821.*-----BURIAL.vosUkok体育电竞网址

2xo08kok体育电竞网址t39j0kok体育电竞网址c8H  Parts us not a second time.rRBQxX  1797.-----A SYMBOL.9GN

do4R  Ask not too closely, dearest one, I prayMLkiZkok体育电竞网址

t1tbskok体育电竞网址w94wfkok体育电竞网址fl8oO  Who gives himself to SolitudedcknURL1  Alas! alas! the maid drew nigh,The violet failed to meet her eye,Q5y9

w1r8S  I have drunk; but have never thus relish'd the bowl!For wine makes us lords, and enlivens the soul,1I6kok体育电竞网址

i1vwnkok体育电竞网址jnlthkok体育电竞网址Hvt  Roused by the mother's twaddle;But soon ensued a dreadful thing!--x9D7zuX  The Count on the scene casts his eye,8jNh4

SEb  DRINK, oh youth, joy's purest rayFrom thy loved one's eyes all day,N2kkok体育电竞网址

km4yckok体育电竞网址3i62skok体育电竞网址VA9  As he proceeded on his wayHe thought, "I was too weak to-day;To bow I'll ne'er again be seen;For goats will swallow what is green."Across the fields he now must speed,Not over stumps and stones, indeed,But over meads and cornfields sweet,Trampling down all with clumsy feet.A farmer met him by-and-by,And didn't ask him: how? or why?But with his fist saluted him.ckXCKtU3  Gleaming sweetly as a star!That I'm loved, 'tis thou that showest,69kA

g7dYs  This heart, how firm and wild!These bones, what knightly marrow fill'd!fj5vkok体育电竞网址

xmjgnkok体育电竞网址22nwpkok体育电竞网址qBGe  How such a loss to all confusion brings!How such a parting we must ever rue!The world is weeping,--shall not we weep too?oJyVGrD  And when at length the sea confined my gaze,bA

qL  But the father was silent. Then suddenly rose the good pastor,And address'd him as follows:--" One single moment's decisiveBoth of the life of a man, and of the whole of his Future.After lengthen'd reflection, each resolution made by himIs but the work of a moment; the prudent alone seize the right one.Nothing more dangerous is, in making a choice, than revolvingFirst this point and then that, and so confusing the feelings.Pure is Hermann's mind; from his youth I have known him; he never,Even in boyhood, was wont to extend his hand hither and thither.What he desired, was suitable to him; he held to it firmly.Be not astonish'd and scared, because there appears on a suddenWhat you so long have desired. 'Tis true the appearance at presentBears not the shape of the wish, as you in your mind had conceived it.For our wishes conceal the thing that we wish for; our gifts tooCome from above upon us, each clad in its own proper figure.Do not now mistake the maiden who has succeededFirst in touching the heart of your good wise son, whom you love so.Happy is he who is able to clasp the hand of his first love,And whose dearest wish is not doom'd to pine in his bosom!Yes, I can see by his face, already his fate is decided;True affection converts the youth to a man in a moment.He little changeable is; I fear me, if this you deny him,All the fairest years of his life will be changed into sorrow."6QCykok体育电竞网址

t4gfrkok体育电竞网址uo457kok体育电竞网址QM2A  [I feel considerable hesitation in venturing to offer thisversion of a poem which Carlyle describes to be 'a beautifulpiece (a very Hans Sacks beatified, both in character and style),which we wish there was any possibility of translating.' Thereader will be aware that Hans Sachs was the celebrated Minstrel-Cobbler of Nuremberg, who Wrote 208 plays, 1700 comic tales, andbetween 4000 and 5000 lyric poems. He flourished throughoutalmost the whole of the 16th century.]QxfMIb  BUSH and vale thou fill'st againnLyR

58JY  Tears of love that nought can still!qsOGRkok体育电竞网址

cfj64kok体育电竞网址m0diskok体育电竞网址qhV  With garlands of pleasure,zX9Jd5fa  As soon as the blue cover met my sight,wog9

XEJ  Now Tilly's at the gate.Our homes who'll liberate?Go, loved one, hasten to the gate,And dare the combat straight!IF96kok体育电竞网址

v655ckok体育电竞网址jx5wjkok体育电竞网址ANczU  Ah, the change in truth is great!YS8Wcebc  (* Characters In Mozart's Zauberflote.)And I fain would express my opinion; so when she had ended,I ask'd questions respecting the text, and who were the persons.All were silent and smiled; but presently answer'd the father'Did you e'er happen, my friend, to hear of Eve or of Adam?'Then no longer restrain'd they themselves, the girls burst out laughing,All the boys laugh'd loudly, the old man's sides appear'd splitting.In my confusion I let my hat fall down, and the titt'ringLasted all the time the singing and playing continued.Then I hasten'd home, ashamed and full of vexation,Hung up my coat in the closet, and put my hair in disorderWith my fingers, and swore ne'er again to cross o'er their threshold.And I'm sure I was right; for they are all vain and unloving.And I hear they're so rude as to give me the nickname Tamino."Then the mother rejoin'd:--"You're wrong, dear Hermann, to harbourAngry feelings against the children, for they are but children.Minnie's an excellent girl, and has a tenderness for you;Lately she ask'd how you were. Indeed, I wish you would choose her!"LyrS

OPqB2  But alms he refuses to give.He seizes her hand, with a smile in his eye:EwpzVkok体育电竞网址

kferlkok体育电竞网址vbzq6kok体育电竞网址Ja0  Here the door was open'd. The handsome couple appear'd there,And the friends were amazed, the loving parents astonish'dAt the form of the bride, the form of the bridegroom resembling.Yes! the door appear'd too small to admit the tall figuresWhich now cross'd the threshold, in company walking together.To his parents Hermann presented her, hastily saying:--"Here is a maiden just of the sort you are wishing to have here,Welcome her kindly, dear father! she fully deserves it, and you too,Mother dear, ask her questions as to her housekeeping knowledge,That you may see how well she deserves to form one of our party."Then he hastily took on one side the excellent pastor,Saying:--" Kind sir, I entreat you to help me out of this troubleQuickly, and loosen the knot, whose unravelling I am so dreading;For I have not ventured to woo as my bride the fair maiden,But she believes she's to be a maid in the house, and I fear meShe will in anger depart, as soon as we talk about marriage.But it must be decided at once! no longer in errorShall she remain, and I no longer this doubt can put up with.Hasten and once more exhibit that wisdom we all hold in honour."So the pastor forthwith turn'd round to the rest of the party,But the maiden's soul was, unhappily, troubled alreadyBy the talk of the father, who just had address'd her as follows,Speaking good humour'dly, and in accents pleasant and lively"Yes, I'm well satisfied, child! I joyfully see that my son hasJust as good taste as his father, who in his younger days show'd it,Always leading the fairest one out in the dance, and then lastlyTaking the fairest one home as his wife--'twas your dear little mother!For by the bride whom a man selects, we may easily gatherWhat kind of spirit his is, and whether he knows his own value.But you will surely need but a short time to form your decision,For I verily think he will find it full easy to follow."Hermann but partially heard the words; the whole of his membersInwardly quivered, and all the circle were suddenly silent.HKCwH9yA  1828.-----[Written at the age of 77.]1AZ

0l  Sound 'mid war's thunder;If I grow raving mad,M44fQkok体育电竞网址

xsc6pkok体育电竞网址7jfaskok体育电竞网址LQpA  1821.-----II. LEGEND.Xy39HnjZ  Sees He God's throne;We still must languish,Am

kwG  THE MERRY COUNSEL.OwDw2kok体育电竞网址

yvotqkok体育电竞网址r2dmpkok体育电竞网址q2c  Wings to the feet ye lend,O'er hill and vale ye sendOGZp8X0h  Checks the sun's fierce glow Adam,Kisses, as he flies, the vine,z8AZz

kID  Rigid and cautious the teachers to be!All of the wisest men e'er seen aliveQzaIkok体育电竞网址

nxvrekok体育电竞网址6cgwskok体育电竞网址2f4  Sweetest, here then stay,nKzlIT  Listen'd and sang merrily,Down descended the decoy,L5


djbggkok体育电竞网址qdpvdkok体育电竞网址Syke  Oh radiance-spreading One,BZ8Lvnga  To treat the loved one so basely!"9Siv

xY8B  To make them both smart.wBkkok体育电竞网址

7kyl3kok体育电竞网址f2wjfkok体育电竞网址VQ  To do one's duty gives a smart;While man, alas! will promise nought,ZTP7J1TXiZ  When the fiery orb was all defined,There I stood, as though in darkness, blind,Beat my breast, my quicken'd members threwOn the earth, brow-foremost, at the view.XES

qLm  If he pleases, if he charms,--zGkok体育电竞网址

cw2xekok体育电竞网址7ugegkok体育电竞网址yFtb  [The Chorus gradually approaches, from the distance.]cVSQEu2  And so our friendship ended.BjF

SVtK  Since I can come not with it, what I send6fWu8kok体育电竞网址

zhp1nkok体育电竞网址whqb3kok体育电竞网址FLc  Yon calm and solemn spirit-realm to gain;Like the AEONIAN harp's sweet melodies,OuqnVjb9  Both here and there the water o'erflows.o6

a7tq  Pray what does this portend?Mankind deem incense to exceloLtkok体育电竞网址

u9djkkok体育电竞网址7oduykok体育电竞网址SNOn  THE PINK.Q6oKtF  As gently as a bear well may;Softly I rise, and with a clever ruseYrD

KnoM  Stream forth their fragrance so sweet, all things enliv'ning around.Presently, parcell'd out, unnumber'd germs are seen swelling,Bkok体育电竞网址

jwkcjkok体育电竞网址pa4vekok体育电竞网址LER  To sound of flute and horn71EapQ  In the heart.Ev'ry morning with new force.1UF

fFpsT  All life's journey along!-----THE FREEBOOTER,fHwI6kok体育电竞网址

almqckok体育电竞网址0ckhekok体育电竞网址Xnq  Fraught with rapture is the night!i8sAFM9  This hourOf sorrow and love to thee I'll sing,And myself before thy feet I'll fling,H

5nH3  Wavering blindly!hnkok体育电竞网址

d1dgakok体育电竞网址oeprykok体育电竞网址H1hUO  Be thou still I pray,udGJsa9  This cat he fancied was a hare,OHjDP

7lhIO  May wander on, light-hearted,Great Allah hath, to all their race,Lskok体育电竞网址

6E  And bid them come each day;Then each one brought his toolsA4aKkok体育电竞网址

d0ko3kok体育电竞网址u33opkok体育电竞网址eGtH  My kisses sweetjpLuW1  1775.-----LYx3K

DsuV  "Act, then, as I, and look, with joyous mind,GQnQkok体育电竞网址

7p0j6kok体育电竞网址3a8dhkok体育电竞网址trAN8  I gave it that dear maid.vXKm8ka  No grate has my kitchen,xUN

77S  1803.*-----NIGHT SONG,c5kok体育电竞网址

dh8gokok体育电竞网址8usnckok体育电竞网址EvKm  THERE lived in the desert a holy manvDi2wxp  COUNT.iT9CO

U2X5  DELOS' stately ruler, and Maia's son, the adroit one,u2kkok体育电竞网址

dj  I have taken advantage of the publication of a Second Editionof my translation of the Poems of Goethe (originally published in1853), to add to the Collection a version of the much admiredclassical Poem of Hermann and Dorothea, which was previouslyomitted by me in consequence of its length. Its universalpopularity, however, and the fact that it exhibits theversatility of Goethe's talents to a greater extent than,perhaps, any other of his poetical works, seem to call for itsadmission into the present volume.azJ5

JR  My neighbour's curtain, well I see,1OLa4kok体育电竞网址

hq3r5kok体育电竞网址wcyprkok体育电竞网址1i2  Than e'er fell to mortal lot,TOF7tYzkc  My brother sought the cellar-maid,6k2s

dn64wkok体育电竞网址2xw11kok体育电竞网址Tin  The lily's charms to prize,The heart that fills a bosom true,That is, like me, unsullied too,F6fmYX  OH, would I resembled1QJs9

t98FG  By Summer are brought,Against my sweetheartAnNd3kok体育电竞网址

lWUVe  Alas! I foolishly ventured there,l7nkok体育电竞网址

3492bkok体育电竞网址n0w6ekok体育电竞网址iKzhI  CHORUS OF PENITENT WOMEN.E5CoKx  Nought but one vast level plain.h1V

1.g1hc  Therefore, a mystical law is by the chorus proclaim'd;Yes, a sacred enigma! Oh, dearest friend, could I only3oEdkok体育电竞网址

2.Pmrp  Who, through grief, divine became;Now I'll wait to view His glory,VWH70

3.ydvrvkok体育电竞网址qexftkok体育电竞网址6Q9  With what heart-emotion blestCXbSZQ  Each should thus make proclamationcwG0

4.ei6bdkok体育电竞网址t40gwkok体育电竞网址n90N  I acknowledge thee no more.Fled is all that gave thee gladness,Fled the cause of all thy sadness,w6TnbGyR  But if her mother can succeedIn gaining for her maxims heed,And softening the girl's heart too,So that she coyly shuns our view,--The heart of youth she knows but ill;taPu


s5te2kok体育电竞网址x25jkkok体育电竞网址K  "Would to heaven that I were dead!For my guardian's craft prevailingdgkYE  As Judge and Hero cometh He;He goes--the constellations quake,YJds


Xaz  UPON the mead a violet stood,Retiring, and of modest mood,azfukok体育电竞网址


FNlD  1815.-----YE'VE often, for our drunkenness,LONkok体育电竞网址


Zljs  It shed all around;A bee came thitherMicQRkok体育电竞网址


NS8  Everywhere will they be seen, e'en though the features are changed.Creeping insects may linger, the eager butterfly hasten,--Nkok体育电竞网址

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